The Name
The Mission

To provide professional and services for innovators of all types.​

The Motto

Business doesn't have to be boring!​

I try to make whatever I do both educational and fun.  My goal is to help you through all of your issues, but for us to enjoy ourselves while we do it.  In the's all about building relationships and making sure you succeed!

The Promise

If I can't help you, I will personally recommend you to someone that can!!​

Aurora Borealis (bȯr-ē-ˈa-ləs) is most commonly known as the Northern Lights​, a a natural light display seen in the Northern sky which has filled people with wonder and ecstasy for centuries.

Borealis Consulting  was named to honor our first born, Aurora, and the light, wonder, and ecstasy she has provided us over the years...even as a pre-teen!!


I am an entrepreneurial leader, who seizes opportunities to improve ecosystems and secure the lasting prosperity of organizations and businesses. I (like to think I) am a fun and innovative professional, and I love to connect with other like-minded people!


More importantly, I am a mom of two amazing children and the lucky wife of an extremely wonderful man.  We have two cats, Westley (yes like in The Princess Bride) and Chance (our lucky black cat), and one lazy old pup named Diego that follows me everywhere! 


I work from my sunroom in jammies most of the time, but you can often find me at coffee shops, networking events, the library, local breweries, in nature....or at Target doing my PT merchandising gig for fun! 

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